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California Recycles Provides an E-Waste Pickup Service

California Recycles provides e-waste pickup on request. We recycle computers, TVs, office equipment, and so much else. We can pick up anywhere in Southern California. Please contact us to check if we have picked up service in your area.

We Do E-Waste Pickup on Request

California Recycles provides e-waste pickup all across Southern California. Our clients include small organizations with irregular recycling needs and large businesses that generate huge amounts of electronic recycling. Whether you have only a one-time pickup of a single pallet of electronics, or you need regular pickups by the truckload; we can help.

The needs of each organization are different. Schools and clinics might upgrade and sort out their electronics once every few years, but data centers and large companies are constantly upgrading and replacing devices, leading to a constant stream of items that need to be disposed of. And even the best-run companies have lots of unused equipment gathering dust in closets and back rooms. Why not clear out that clutter, making your office or warehouse more spacious?

But every organization, no matter its size or its industry, wants to show the world that it behaves responsibly. By working with California Recycles, organizations demonstrate their commitment to the environment and sustainable business.

You can palletize and secure the material yourself, and we’ll come to get it when it’s ready to go. But we can provide expanded service, assisting you with sorting, hauling, and preparing your equipment for shipment. After many years of operation, we are experts in securing and safely transporting electronic waste across the country.

We Pick Up

Computers and components

Desktop, laptop, tablets, hard drives, motherboards, optical drivers, memory, etc.

Office equipment

Photocopiers, printers, fax machines.

Networking devices

Servers, modems, routers.

Mixed batteries and light bulbs

And so much else

Just let us know what you have, and we’ll tell you if we can take it.

Safe, Green Service

We take great care in recycling electronics. Once your e-waste is with us, we process it carefully to recycle as much of it as possible. We dispose of hazardous and toxic materials in compliance with environmental laws.

By using our services, less waste ends up in landfills, and less pollution affects our communities and natural environments. Your organization can feel proud for disposing of unneeded equipment in a responsible, environmental way.

Recycle and Reuse

The best kind of recycling is reusing. We offer IT asset disposition services, helping you inventory, assess, and repair equipment. As much as possible, we try to repair and refurbish equipment for resale or donation to charity. Even broken equipment often has components we can harvest for use in other devices. This keeps usable devices out of landfills and puts them into the hands of people who can use them.

Secure Recycling

Data security is a top concern for many businesses. When the e-waste we process includes hard disks or other storage mediums, we always wipe data completely. Refurbish-able hard disks go through a multi-pass erasure process, and unusable hard disks are shredded. Certificates of data destruction are available.

Ask about Our Pickup Service Today

Whether you’re upgrading your IT infrastructure or clearing out some dusty old photocopiers and printers, we can help. Contact us and ask about our e-waste pickup service today. We will schedule a pickup time that is convenient for you, allowing you to reclaim space in your organization and letting you meet your corporate social responsibility goals.

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