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Easy Return-Recall Management of Electronics

Easy Return-Recall Management of Electronics

Every business everywhere needs to be prepared for returns. Devices break unexpectedly or are dead on arrival, and customers change their minds and don’t want their purchase anymore. Product recalls can saddle retailers with huge numbers of unsellable items that nevertheless take up space and the time of employees. These need to be dealt with quickly, so the businesses can go back to providing their products and services.

California Recycles helps many manufacturers and sellers manage the return and recall of electronics. We help many businesses recover value by harvesting, refurbishing, and validating returned equipment. Some organizations need certifiable destruction of returned electronics—we provide that, too.

We can manage your returns for you: customers send their returns directly to us, and a replacement or refund is processed quickly. We see if the item can be refurbished or harvested and provide customer service. Meanwhile, the returned item doesn’t take up any room in your store. Everybody wins.

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