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Surplus Recycling and Liquidation

Maybe your business is upgrading its data center, and you have a lot of old server racks that need to go. Or maybe the school district you work at is replacing all of its laboratory computers, but you think someone else might use them. Whatever the case, if you have a surplus of electronic equipment, California Recycles can help you.

We have years of experience working with schools, hospitals and clinics, manufacturers, and every other kind of business, helping them sort and recycle unneeded equipment. As much as possible, we will refurbish and refit equipment, allowing us to liquidate your old equipment across various channels, saving money and keeping waste out of landfills. Hard drives are wiped to the strict standards, so your data stays safe.

We often purchase unneeded equipment outright or assist in remarketing. But sometimes organizations already have a plan for their surplus devices and just need help sorting the inventory. We can do that, too; just contact us and let us know what you need.

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