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California Recycles performs electronics and e-waste recycling. Our recycling center is located in Northridge in Los Angeles County.


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Recycle Electronics

In our environmentally conscious age, the need to recycle unused electronics is more important than ever. California Recycles helps organizations large and small meet their corporate social responsibility goals. Our recycling center, located in Northridge, accepts electronic waste from all over Los Angeles and the rest of southern California. It is open Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 3 PM, and drop-offs are FREE. Can’t make the trip yourself? Give us a call: our pickup service for enterprises is affordable and easy.

Electronics Recovery

We provide a wide variety of services designed to reduce waste and pollution from electronic trash, and our services help organizations recover value from electronics that are no longer usable. Contact us, and you’ll learn that it is easy and convenient for your business to go green, helping you save money and improve your company’s image. Read on for a brief sampling of our services, and do not hesitate to get in touch if you want to learn more.

Environmental Problem

Electronic waste is a severe environmental problem. Less than twenty percent of electronic waste is collected and recycled. The rest ends up in landfills where it pollutes the natural world, or it is forgotten in closets where it collects dust. We at California Recycles want to do better, and we believe that providing easy, cost-effective recycling services can help both organizations and the environment.

What Else Do We Recycle?

In short, if it plugs in or runs on batteries, we can recycle it. In addition to the electronics and e-waste mentioned above, we can also recycle toys, kitchen appliances, components of electric bikes and scooters, and much else. However, we do not accept car batteries, paint, pressurized cans, medical biohazards, severely broken light bulbs, or anything that contains mercury.


Electronics recycling involves more than just disposing of equipment. We believe that “reuse” should come before “recycle,” so as much as possible, we try to refurbish equipment, allowing it to be remarketed. Much of the equipment we receive is perfectly usable, or it has usable components that can be harvested, so we work to get that equipment in tip-top shape, so it can have a second life after its time at your organization.

A smart business upgrades its IT solutions frequently, before issues pop up. This keeps the business running smoothly, as equipment failures are unlikely to happen, but it also burdens the business with usable but unneeded equipment. Our recycling center can refurbish used equipment, fixing what we can and validating their usefulness, so they can be resold.

Return and Recall Management

Businesses dealing with electronic goods need to be prepared for returns. A spate of returns or an unexpected recall can put a strain on a business, which now must store piles of unsellable products and devote precious employee time to managing unhappy customers. And it must be done quickly, or your brand will suffer.
Let us help. If the returned products need to be destroyed, we can do that and certify their destruction. Or, we can harvest usable parts from the returned items, helping you recover value and prevent waste.

E-Waste Recycling

ITAD for Organizations

We recycle all kinds of electronics, from computers, laptops, tablets, and televisions, to enterprise-sized devices such as servers and floor photocopiers. We provide ITAD for organizations of all sizes, from huge multinationals to small businesses. Our satisfied clients include schools, health clinics, and film studios.

Data Security

Data Security

For many industries, data security is a top priority. We take data security seriously, so we treat hard drives, DVDs, and other storage devices with special care. Our processes ensure that data is completely wiped. Once we are done with the devices we work with, no data can be extracted from them. Refurbished computers have their hard drives put through a multi-pass system that causes total erasure. If we cannot refurbish the computer, we shred the hard disk completely.

Recycle Electronics

Recycles Electronics

Too many people and organizations discard their e-waste with their regular trash. This pollutes the environment and harms our natural world. Why not let California Recycles help you with your waste? In addition to electronics, we accept almost all kinds of batteries (not car batteries), wires and cables, and light bulbs. If the waste can be processed and made usable, we can do that. If the material bears toxic chemicals, we process them safely, keeping contamination from our environment and unnecessary trash out of our landfills.

Electronics Recycling Community Events

If you manage a large business or apartment building, you are no doubt aware of how electronic waste can build up. Most people know that they should not discard electronics and e-waste with regular waste, but beyond that, they are unsure what to do. Therefore, electronic waste tends to build up: old computers are stowed away “just in case,” used batteries are placed in an old can and forgotten about, and fluorescent tubes are put somewhere out of the way.

If this happens, why not let us come to you? We can host a collection event anywhere in southern California. E-waste recycling is easy at our events: employees and tenants simply bring us their waste, and we handle the rest.

Get in Touch to Learn More

Our many satisfied clients include big and small businesses in various industries: health care, education, finance, entertainment, manufacturing, and many others too plentiful to list. We pride ourselves on being professional recyclers, so we tailor our services to each client. Some just want us to come by and pick up pallets of unused electronics once a year. Others employ us frequently to carefully process specialized equipment so that we can harvest and reuse delicate components.

Each client is different, and it is our job to find the solution that works best for you. Contact California Recycles and tell us what you need. We look forward to helping you meet your green goals.

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