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California Recycles Does Computer and Laptop Recycling

We offer free computer and laptop recycling. With California Recycles, get rid of your old Mac or PC, recycle old laptops and desktop computers.

Easy Computer Recycling and Laptop Recycling

Electronic waste should not be discarded like regular trash. Chemicals such as cadmium and lead are terrible for the natural environment, and landfills are full of plastic and metal that could be recycled. What’s more, so many people who are otherwise environmentally conscious simply discard their old devices, even if they’re still perfectly functional. We at California Recycles think we can do better for the environment, so we offer free computer recycling and laptop recycling to people who bring their e-waste to our recycling center.

Make a Green Choice: Our Free PC Recycle Service

At California Recycles, we reduce waste and hazardous contamination in several ways. Reusable components are harvested, verified, and used to refurbish devices for remarketing, giving them a second life. Plastic, metal, and glass are recycled and reenter the manufacturing stream. And finally, components that contain hazardous chemicals and cannot be reused, such as laptop batteries, are disposed of following environmental guidelines.

If you live in Southern California, why don’t you bring your old computer to us? We accept most electronic waste for free at our Northridge location. Some items, such as kitchen appliances, smoke detectors, and mixed batteries, we accept only for a fee, but computers and their accessories and peripherals we take for free.

If you want to recycle old laptops, please remove the batteries if possible and put them in a separate container. Fill up the trunk of your car with your unneeded e-waste, and we’ll be happy to take it off your hands.

Worried about Your Data?

There’s no need! We know that people are concerned about their personal information leaking into the world, so we treat hard disks, SSDs, and other storage media with great care. With us, computer recycling is safe.

California Recycles always tries to reuse and refurbish viable equipment, but that doesn’t mean we just take your old hard drive and stick it in a new computer. Everything that can store data is wiped based on strict guidelines, and we verify that no old data remains before we reuse storage media. DVDs and other media that cannot be reused are physically shredded and discarded.

Recycle Old Laptops, Desktops, and More

We will accept just about every electronic device you can name.


desktop and laptop recycling, Mac and PC, anything

Mobile devices

tablets and smartphones

Game consoles

Networking equipment


motherboards, video cards, sound cards, hard drives, and optical drives


mice, keyboards, printers, and scanners

This list is incomplete. In short, if it can plug into a PC, recycle it! If you have a device that you’re unsure we’ll accept, please get in touch. We’ll tell you if we’ll take it and if there’s a fee for taking it.

Have a Lot of Computers?

Corporations; If your organization or business generates e-waste by the palette or truckload, you may want to request California Recycles’ pickup service. You can inventory, sort, and palletize your unwanted devices yourself, or you can request assistance with those tasks, and our staff will help you get everything ready for shipment. Contact us, and we’ll discuss how we can best help you.

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