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California Recycles Does FREE TV Recycling for All Kinds of TVs

Recycle old TVs with California Recycles. Our recycling center offers free TV recycling. We accept all kinds of TVs: LCD, Plasma, even old CRT televisions.


Time for an Upgrade? Remember Our TV Recycling Service

Do you still have an old, broken television gathering dust in your home? We commend you for not discarding it with your regular household waste, but it’s not doing any good where it is. With California Recycles, TV recycling can be easy, even free, if you’re willing to drop it off yourself.

California Recycles accepts all kinds of televisions for recycling: CRT, rear projection, LCD, and Plasma. Recycling your television is the green choice. Doing so reduces your carbon footprint.

Why Recycle Old TVs?

First, that old CRT television from the eighties isn’t doing any good in your home. Unless you like to play retro video games, you will have a better experience with a modern television.

Second, no television should be discarded with the regular trash. Televisions are full of hazardous waste such as cadmium and lead, which can cause great environmental problems. Most civil waste collection services won’t pick up televisions because of those dangerous chemicals, but free TV recycling providers like California Recycles can safely extract those chemicals and dispose them in an environmentally conscious way.

Third, you might think of donating your television to a second-hand store like Goodwill if it is still functional. That is a generous thought, but second-hand stores are often overloaded with hard-to-sell used televisions, so they rarely accept more stock.

Finally, just because your TV is old or even broken doesn’t mean it has no value. To a skilled recycling company, a TV has plenty of useful materials: recycled glass, steel, aluminum, and copper are useful in many industries, so it is worthwhile to extract them. What’s better, if the TV isn’t in poor condition, we can reuse instead of recycle. Often, we can harvest TV screens and circuit boards and use them to repair a different TV. This allows us to reuse those useful materials and produce a refurbished TV for sale, efficiently using old materials and saving the world a bit of carbon.

We Accept All Kinds of TVs

Our TV recycling service accepts all kinds of televisions.

Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) televisions

no matter how ancient they are.


Plasma TVs

Flat-screen TVs

Rear Projection TVs

Remote controls

are welcome, too!

Recycling for Enterprises

If you represent an organization and can corral together a palette of your used/unused TVs and other electronic equipment, we can pick it up for a reasonable fee. Recycle old TVs and your other equipment; it looks great on your corporate social responsibility report! Give us a call and tell us what you need, and we’ll be happy to work with you.

Free TV Recycling Drop-Off

California Recycles in Northridge is open Monday–Friday between 9 AM and 3 PM (holidays excluded). We accept most electronic devices for free, and will also take many household appliances, lightbulbs, and batteries for a fee. Fill up the trunk of your car with the things you don’t need and come visit; we’ll be happy to see you.

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