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California Recycles Can Safely Recycle Medical Equipment

California Recycles supports the medical industry. We recycle medical equipment in addition to recycling computers and other devices used in health care.


We Recycle Medical Equipment

Hospitals, clinics, and medical insurers go through a lot of equipment, both commonplace devices like computers and tablets, and highly specialized machines unique to the healthcare industry. Great care and attention are needed to recycle medical equipment, as it would be a grievous breach of trust to allow a patient’s protected health information to persist on a device that is no longer in use.

With many years of collaboration with healthcare organizations, California Recycles stands ready to recycle and dispose of medical equipment. We perform such duties with speed, reliability, and thoroughness, and many healthcare organizations trust us with disposing of their unneeded equipment.

We pick up recycling equipment across Southern California, whether you have a single palette or a truckload of medical e-waste. Alternately, healthcare organizations can drop off their e-waste at our recycling center in Northridge.

Complete Data Security

Personal health information is closely protected by the rules set out by HIPAA and various Business Associate Agreements. Having worked with healthcare organizations for years, California Recycles is entirely familiar with HIPAA and Business Associate Agreements, and we know that working with medical equipment is a great responsibility.
When dealing with equipment used in health care, one can’t be too careful in ensuring that the data is completely scrubbed. This is obviously an issue when dealing with computer hard disks and storage on tablets and other mobile devices, but photocopiers, fax machines, and specialized medical equipment often store private health information. These all must be treated with care to ensure complete data erasure.
HIPAA requires an extensive set of safeguards to ensure that patient data is completely secure. Because of this, we carefully log each step of the process to recycle medical equipment. We assess and inventory every piece of equipment. We treat anything that might store data with special care.
Part of our commitment as recyclers is to limit the amount of waste by reusing and refurbishing what we can. Hard drives that might be reused go through a multi-pass process to ensure a complete wipe of the data, and we physically destroy any storage medium that cannot be reused. We certify the destruction of data, so there’s no chance of any data leaking.

What We Cannot Accept

Unfortunately, we cannot accept all kinds of medical equipment for recycling.

Anything with hazardous waste

Sharps and surgical tools


Hygiene supplies

Please do not mix such things with mundane electronic waste, as that will make all of it much more difficult or impossible for us to recycle.

Get in Touch to Learn More

If you work in the health care industry and need a reliable and trustworthy e-waste recycler, please get in touch with California Recycles. We are always happy to partner with those who work in healthcare, helping keeps patients safe and secure and reducing the waste that might otherwise end up in landfills.

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